Tapered base and rings ?


Jun 16, 2002
I bought a Leupold 8.5 x 25 Long Range thanks to the advice given on this board. But now I need help on a tapered base and rings for my 6.5x284 light gun I am building.
What are you guys using and what height ring?

Thanks for the help

The ultimate setup would be using the thickest base you can find with the 1/4 moa slope. Couple of good companies out their make such bases Badger Ordnance, IOR Valdada, Iron Brigade Armory,
Autauga Arms , Leupold, Night Force, Brownells.
These are just a few places to purchase rifle bases. All of them are great bases and are of high quality manufacturing.
I would suggest using some of the rings that these sights offer as well like the Leupold style mark 4 rings. A thick base and short rings will lessen any movement where as if you use a short base and super high rings you may encounter some unwanted movement.

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FWIW, check the For Sale forum (hint, hint!). In case I forgot to post there, I have a Badger Ordnance 1-piece 20 MOA base for a Rem 700SA (you didn't say what size action you are working w/, but I figured its worth a shot) and a set of 30mm GG&G xtra High 'Sniper Grade' rings. Dunno about the whole 'sniper grade' bit, but they *are* nice rings. I had a Leupold Vari-X III 8.5-25x50mm LR scope on that gun, but I'm taking it off for now, and selling it. I've been getting by pretty well w/ an SS10x42 scope in the mean time, mountied in Leupold 30mm rings on a Leupold 1-piece LR base (Redfield front-dovetail/rear windage) setup. Alternately, I have some 30mm std height Leupold QRW rings that worked pretty well w/ the same scope on the same mount; clearance wasn't a problem even w/ that big ol' scope up there.

If you are interested, drop me a line and we can maybe work something out.

I will second anything made by Badger Ordinance, as I am using their tapered one piece base on a Rem700P and their Max-50 rings. I torq'd everything to spec, and have been shooting the rifle as much as possible, being my job gets in the way all too often, and have actually noticed an improvement in reduction of groups. I have used Leupold Mk4 rings and bases on my rifles so far, but these Badger Ord. bases and rings are the Cat's ***...

Hope this helps...

I use Burris Signature Posi-Align Offset inserts.Can gain .020 in heigt or offset in less than five minutes. Then go back to 0 in the same amount of time.
Baer also makes them in 20 moa slope for the Remington 700. FYI, They're a two piece design. I have a set that are going on the 6mm Ackley I'm currently having built.
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