20 MOA Tapered Base


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
Okay, just to ensure I got this right; I recently just put on a tapered base with claims of adding 20 moa of elev. I am using it with my B&L 6x24 which only gives me 27 moa total adj. Okay optically centering this scope gives me 13.5 up & 13.5 dn. Say I am dead nutz at 100yds with the scope optically centered. Theoretically, all this base is really doing for me is just shifting my POI 20" so I basically will have to have full down adj to be on paper at 100, still shooting high. But what I will gain is full up travel (27 moa) available for elev adjustment.

Am I looking at this correctly/on the right track??

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