Talley Lightweight One-Piece Alloy Scope Mounts


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
Talley Lightweight One-Piece Alloy Scope Mounts

Who has used them, like or dislike them and why? Have they held up? Would you consider them as a scope mount you can trust to always stay tight? Are they sturdy? Can they handle years of hunting abuse?

I was looking into them for a .300 WM. I use this rifle for long range shooting as well as my favorite hunting rifle. Goes everywhere with me and I want to make sure if for SOME reason my guns off, its not the scope mounts. Id rather it be from me dropping my rifle then my scope mounts "deciding to loosen up on me".
I used them on a 30-06 savage 116 weather warrior with a burris scope and it has worked out very well. I plan to use them again if they are available for the rifle I buy.
I have never used the one-piece mount, but I have their standard steel mounts on two rifles and they are the most durable mounts I have used.
I have them on a Rem 700 in 35 Whelen and they're holding up just fine for me. I have found that as long as you lock-tite the screws, that solves any problems with loosening up of either mount or ring screws. I use the blue stuff so I can get the screws back out when I want to...

I have them on my 300WM holding a 2.5x10-32mm Nightforce NXS.
Great set up for a 1pc ring/base . They are light and sturdy. No worries as far as quality. Just install them and use some locktite on the threads when you mount it and they will not come loose.
The Talley lightweight one piece rings are my #1 choice for all my long range hunting rigs. They are rock solid, easy to mount, easy to lap, and look great. They are a steal at $35-$40. From what I can tell, it is the also what the Best of the West guys use on their rigs. You will not be disappointed.
They are really gerat have them on all my hunting rifles and i have dragged them all over the world on multiple safaris and never once had an issue with the talley's. I can not say the same for other brands unfortunately. they are the benchmark in my opinion.
I have them on a sub-7 pound 325 wsm, 500 rounds and no problems. They fit very well on my rifle, lapping removed almost nothing from the rings.
Anyone reccomend a good place to get these. Midway has been sold out of them for the Mod 10 Savage for a while (in med).
Thank you, I always forget about Brownells. Prolly cause all you ever see is Larry potterfields face on TV " thanks for the business"!!
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