Tac Elite and Tac Ordnance Recall?

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  1. DeerHntr

    DeerHntr New Member

    Mar 29, 2013
    Has anyone seen the recall for Tac Elites and Tac Ordnances? Seen this on another website.

    From: Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc.
    2727 N. Fairview Ave.
    Tucson, Arizona 85705
    Subject: Safety Warning and Recall Notice – 2013 TAC Elite, TAC Ordnance, and Enigma Crossbows
    Product Recall Notice
    Dear Valued Customer,
    At Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc. (PSE, Inc.) we take quality and safety seriously, and because of this
    I am reaching out to you today.
    PSE, Inc. is voluntarily recalling our TAC Elite, TAC Ordnance, and Enigma crossbows shipped from June
    1st, 2013 through November 1st, 2013 with the following serial numbers:
    TAC Elite Crossbows with serial numbers 2097056 through 2134901
    TAC Ordnance Crossbows with serial numbers 2121938 through 2133384
    Enigma Crossbows purchased between June 27th, 2013 and October 31, 2013
    Our records indicate that you purchased a TAC Elite, a TAC Ordnance, or an Enigma Crossbow during this
    time period. We have found that a limited number of the above crossbows may have release
    mechanisms that are out of specification, and that this condition may result in premature firing or
    accidental discharge as it reaches full draw. This condition may also result in property damage, serious
    personal injury or death.
    We are asking our customers who have purchased or received these crossbows to immediately return
    them to PSE at no cost to you; PSE will then evaluate your crossbow and repair it if necessary.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Quality concerns must always be fixed as
    soon as possible. For fastest service, contact PSE Customer Service directly via the online form (address
    below) and obtain a Return Authorization Number to return your bow to our factory.
    Visit: www.tacseries.com/crossbow‐recall (preferred) or contact one of our professional
    Customer Service staff at 800‐477‐7789 to obtain your return authorization and shipping label.
    Our commitment and promise to you is to evaluate and, if necessary, repair your crossbow quickly and
    with a minimum of inconvenience to you. To show our appreciation for your loyalty we will be including
    an appreciation gift with your returned crossbow. Furthermore, you will be automatically entered into a
    drawing for a free PSE compound bow with the drawing will be held on January 15, 2014. Please be sure
    to contact PSE Customer Service immediately for your return authorization number. Within two days of
    contacting us we will send you a UPS shipping label so you may return your crossbow.
    WARNING: Use of one of these crossbows with one of the above described issues could lead to an
    accidental discharge, resulting in personal injury, death or property damage. Owners of the crossbows
    subject to this recall should not attempt to diagnose or repair the crossbows themselves.
    Pre‐Shipping Steps
    Step 1 – Remove all accessories except for Whisker Biscuit arrow rest from your crossbow
    (scopes, specialty forward grips, slings, etc.), DO NOT mail back your accessories
    Step 2 – Disassemble the “Prod” (Limb) assembly from the barrel
    Step 3 – Prod attachment bolts should be screwed in to the barrel assembly for shipping
    Only the “separated” prod assembly and barrel assembly should be sent back for repair
    Note: For TAC Ordnance, remove and keep your AR lower. DO NOT send it to PSE.
  2. Mike K/NJ

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    Jun 7, 2006
    Thanks for the information. Where was this posted? I checked the PSE website and didn't see anything about a recall. It only mentioned the release mechanism in the recall. They should do something about the fletching clearance problem also.
  3. DeerHntr

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    Mar 29, 2013
    Found the information on the Wyvern Creations Facebook page.
  4. Andy Backus

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    Dec 21, 2009
    The recall announcement is now up on PSE's site Crossbow Recall

    If anyone has any questions about it you may email or call me.

    [email protected]