"Swift Scirocco projectiles"- my apologies!


Oct 19, 2002
Washington State
You previous discussion seems to have degenerated in less than one reply to a discussion on Varget powder. I too am looking for load info for the 150 gr. Scirocco in the 7mm Rem. mag, and would greatly appreciate that info. Thanks to the others who replied, but I don't use Varget powder.
The Scirocco loads like the rest except that it's a bit longer, sooooo it will occupy a tad more case space. Pick your powder etc and go. Due to the length it has a bit more bearing surface as well. Drop down 5-10% below published data for that weight and work up. My limited experience with the bullet says that best accuracy comes with highest velocity, I'd guess due to twist rates and bullet length. Friend of mine uses them in a Ruger #1 in 7x57 AI, and they were not impressive until the 2900-3000fps range. Now we're both impressed....

There is nothing particularly mystical about them. Swift has data in their new manual, perhaps you could try them?
I agree with Max, there is nothing special about Sciroccos, reload for them like any bullet. I have shot several hundred in .30 and 7mm and never had any problem finding accuracy in my rifles. My friend loads H-4350 in his 7mm mag, perhaps give it a try. I would also try 4831. The Swift manual recommends the following powders:
H-1000 68.4 - 73.5 grains
H-4350 57.7 - 62.0 grains
H-4831 62.8 - 67.5 grains

RL-19 60.9 - 65.5 grains
RL-22 63.7 - 68.5 grains
RL-25 67.0 - 72.0 grains

IMR-4350 57.7 - 62.0 grains
IMR-4831 59.5 - 64.0 grains
IMR-7828 61.8 - 66.5 grains

RL-19 had the lowest SD for their particular ten round test, that doesn't mean much for your rifle. I double checked the above typing, the numbers are straight from the Swift book and correct.

Given that the bullet is going to sit down into the body of the case a bit because of the short neck and long bullet length, you might be wise to start with 4350 (either type) since you won't be compressing so much.

I just got a rifle ready for a hunt and shot three sub half minute groups with the 165 Scirocco in .30 cal. That kind of accuracy gives a person a lot of confidence.
We have recovered a lot of Sciroccos from game and test medium and they seem to average just over 80% with very good frontal diameters (mushrooms). Bullet performance is very consistent, one of the best all-around hunting bullets available.

I don't know if you want to bother but I always segregate my bullets by 1/10ths and load them in bunches that don't vary more than three tenths. As they got the Scirocco production going this became less significant as the bullet to bullet uniformity has greatly increased. I still do it tho, and get excellent accuracy with these bullets.

Seems that I find some wonky bullets from most boxes of bullets that I check from all brands (maybe up to a grain off the average, sometimes as high as three grains).
Fact is that this is not a big deal, I just shot some of the cull bullets from my 165 Sciroccos and they still grouped inside an inch. I guess this is another confidence thing, knowing that your loads don't have any bullets with large weight variances. We don't weigh match bullets, that is a waste of time.
I am loading for my partner and was hoping not to have to purchase ANOTHER manual for just one bullet. I did contact Swift, but they were reluctant to give out any info. Ian, you came through with flying colors! Many thanks!

I am using the 150gr Scirocco for elk and deer this year. My load is 70gr. RL22, 3237fps out of a 24inch barrel with sub moa groups.
I have a 7mm Mag barrel for my switch gun and shoot 150 scirrocos. I'll check my data and get back to you.

I'll also try and include a photo of my rifle with a nice mule deer buck shot in AB last year at about 600 yards. I'll get you a link to the video too. They worked great and the bullet still went through the bottom of both shoulders at that range. in the video, you can see a puff of dirt as the bullet strikes the embankment behind it. Very cool.
You'll have to wait until Monday. The whole video after editing was over an hour with two kills. I'll just yank out the 10 seconds or so of impact shot to hit (just kidding, it wasn't THAT far, heh heh), and put it on our office server in WMV.

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