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    May 3, 2001
    I just received a copy of this new manual and it is very interesting. Not as comprehensive as the ones put out by the big guys, but it is an excellent reference for a wide range of cartridges that would work well with Swift bullets.
    The manual is unique in its layout, very handy for getting info. Most popular cartridges are included, right up to the new short mags from Rem and Win. Each cartridge features a dimensional drawing and spec. chart and brief description. Then the Swift A-Frame and Scirocco bullet styles for that caliber are shown (including a drawing of a cutaway with the bullet seated in the case to standard overall lenght). The loading charts have a starting load, maximum load and the load density for the max load. The three major powder suppliers, Hodgdon, Alliant and IMR are given separate boxes, with three of their appropriate powders. Last is a chart showing "Optimum Hunting Ballistics" out to 600 yards max.
    A very nice touch are dozens of pencil sketches of wildlife - including a full page drawing to separate each cartridge section. Lots of wonderful art - critters from all over the world.
    Quite a departure from the big guys, but a nice one.