swarovski binos


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Apr 18, 2009
just curious what the difference is between the slc and the el lines of binos is...i know of a pair of 15x56 slc's that are slightly used for $1500, i kinda wanted to hold out and get a pair of 10x42 el's next year but maybe its too good of a deal to pass up???
I believe I bought the 15x56's Swaro's you were looking at on IFISH. They are mint condition. And the tripod mount and snap shot adapter that can with the bino's will get used this hunting season. You can't go wrong with the SLC's Or El's.
I have the 15X56 SLC's and the 12X50 EL's. The 15X56 SLC's are excellent but I mostly use the 12X50 EL's because they are alittle sharper image wise and smaller & lighter.
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