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May 6, 2012
Last year I made a LR rifle out of a remington action, criterion barrel in 6.5 creedmoor, jewel trigger and wide fore-end walnut stock (all assembled by a gunsmith). Topped it with a 20 moa base and a 6-24 sightron series ii big sky. I've decided at 11 pounds it is too heavy to tote around and that i really wanted something lighter. After looking around a bit I found a Ruger Predator at a nearby gunshop. I went to the shop today to trade it in. The Ruger was $900 and I was considering eating my loss and just trading straight out. Turns out gunshops aren't interested in anything customized. The guy said he doesn't like to sell custom guns but he'd give me $300 for just the rifle. Went to another shop that is a Ruger dealer, they said no customized rifle trade ins, didn't even need to look at it.
Hmmm, this is not what I had expected. I thought gun shops would be all over a gun like this.
Just thought I would share this experience.
Not surprised at all... Years ago, I was at a local gun shop, and a fellow walked in with three Remington rifles. One was a pristine 40X with a new Hart barrel. He wanted to sell all three together. The guy behind the counter said he was not interested because the 40X had a custom .308 chamber. I told the guy that I may be interested depending on how much he wanted. We took our business to the parking lot. He told me he would be happy with $500 for all three rifles.. I paid the man, and we were both happy.:D
Its simple, do your trading on a site like this where people understand what it is that you have and many would be glad to avoid another 20 week wait time for a barrel....:D

Ansel Adams was the photographer that made people take notice of the landscapes of the western US. He was asked in interviews what his favorite camera was, and his answer was always "the heaviest one I can carry, of course". I too subscribe to that theory. As I get older and more worn down, I will probably have to downsize too, but heavy rifles are things young men should enjoy.
I used to have a buddy that ran a gun shop. He said he could sell plain ol guns all day long. Nobody would want anything custom cause they didn't want to pay "that much money". Kinda crazy.
I buy all my firearms from one dealer who happens to be a personal friend. He is also of the school that he takes no custom firearms on trade because the average person coming in the shop is looking for a box stock firearm and nothing custom. He told mne that custom guns collect dust on the rack. I believe it.

AR platforms and AK's excepted.
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