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    Jun 18, 2001
    Woke the 9yr old up about 0700, grabbed cup of coffee and headed out the door (pretending I was in Nodak) to glass the fields & observe critters for future possiblities, never to late to scout, aye... Well living in Western MI There arent to many open fields, but lots of trees and farmsites, far more than what I am used to.. Anyhow, may have found some hunting land for this winter critter season and next year for smokepoles, only further research will tell. The land is in the "Hunters Access Program" and totals 275 acres, observed 7 deer on it this morning. From my perspective, I could have had my choice of which doe to dump.. I am having a hard time going from having private land (6000+ acres) to hunt entire life, to dang near begging to hunt 37 acres with houses on all corners..... Culture shock amximus..

    After conversing with Ian M., I think my best route is to LRH with a muzzy. I know this post may be an aimless rant, but where I am living, the amount of rifle hunters afield is mind boggleing. The winter season and the amount of muzzy hunters (lack there of) may be my best bet for me introduce my daughters to a real deer hunt.. I did take my 11 yr old daughter out this year, we had a great time, I did not take a deer, but not for lack of seeing any. Could have dumped a 60lb fawn at 12 yards, but how sporting is that and that was the purpose of this hunt. Get my kid in the field and instill hunting ethics and morals. This was a test and we passed, she dug it, I certainly did and next year time to go further. Just wanted the first year to be positive.... All my hunts I plan include both my girls, ya only have so much time...

    So thats what this rant is about, quality time outdoors with my kids and I may have found a place to go next year... [​IMG]

    Ian, thanks again for the help..


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    May 3, 2001
    Thanks for a very nice read - you are doing it right and I commend you for that. Your children are very fortunate to have a dad that cares and wants them to love the outdoors. Real shame that more "parents" wouldn't be parents and put their kids first.

    There is just no better time in the field than with your own kids - and the simpler the better. Kids enjoy being out anywhere with their dad more than what kind of rifle/scope/binocs are along - or killing things. Brings back memories of a lot of trips - amazing how quickly little girls learn to shoot .22 rimfires accurately.

    Its true that we mature through stages as hunters. I believe that some guys stay in certain stages longer than others but the very best recollections will be taking the kids out when they were young. We can buy hunts to replicate dreams as we get older, but we cannot go back to the special moments when we shared the outdoors with your very own nine year old. You only get to do that once - they just grow up too fast. I feel sorry for parents that never shared such time with their kids, they don't know what they missed.

    Your analysis of the local hunting terrain and pressure makes muzzleloading a logical pursuit. Obtaining the gear, skills and confidence to make long shots can make the hunts more enjoyable. I wouldn't turn down a forty yard shot at a good buck, but being able to take him at 250 yards if you have to is saticefying.

    I would be honoured to help you with your muzzleloading - be it getting into long shooting or "blowing smoke in their face" close.

    Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
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    Mar 17, 2002
    Nodak7mm We are going to have to get together and shoot. I know what you mean about lots of hunting pressure in lower MI. I was just out with my 3 1/2 year old boy hunting well kind of hunting [​IMG]
    Crow Mag
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    Jun 18, 2001
    Thats what its all about, being with the kids and spending time together!!! Ian, I know you and your son are tight, Crow, you are definitely on the right path. Folks like us have already shot a lifetime supply of deer and will be able to again after the child rearing days.. I’m kinda looking at it this ways, “Hey Junior, go get that deer fer yer old man. I dropped over there cross the river, just on the other side of the ravine and keep the dang thing clean after ya gut it out, remember I showed ya how do it!!! No problem Dad, just hang out here and have a cup of coffee”!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The smile on my kids face every time they catch that fish, hit that target or spot that deer when we go out is definitely priceless..

    Crow, I look forwards to shooting with ya, sorry I have so many past scheduling conflicts…. I am one of the anal guys that have to plan stuff way ahead of time … Definitely looking forwards to the day..

    Ian and Crow, thanks for the positive comments… Merry Xmas to ya'll!! May there be brass & bullets in your stocking!!