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Feb 26, 2002
Wyoming, USA

I am building a long range varmint rifle, Ruger #1, in .378 Weatherby. The barrel will be a Krieger or Shilen 34" heavy contour.

The scope will be a Leupold 8.5x25x50mm LRT.

I have always used Talley rings and bases and they have served me well. For this project, I considered Badger equipment, but Premier Reticles tells me that Badger does not make a rail base for this kind of application.

I would be interested in recommendations and other ideas from everyone.

Thank you.


I had a #1 with a Douglas barrel in 378wby and it was a nice shooter. I used the original Ruger base. There was a problem with the base in that whoever built it screwed it up a little. The barrel was a slightly smaller in diameter than the original even though it was a heavy contour, so when the base was screwed down to the barrel it drew the base down just behind the front ring causing the rings to tip tward each other at the top. I had to shim the front under the base about .070" to make up for it.

The reason I sold it was to get a rifle for my son for his birthday before hunting season when I was low on cash. He killed a 59" bull moose the second day of season at 200 yds with the 308win.

It is now a 500 Nitro 2 3/4 I think.

I forgot to ask, why not the 338/378wby using the 300grMK? My brothers is a tack driver.

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Thanks for the link. "Community Service" looks like a great rifle! Everything a #1 ought to be....


The 37 calibre is my favourite and I think it can be quite accurate with good loads and Sierra 300s.

The 33 family certainly offers advantages in availability of true long range components. The 338./.378 is a most impressive cartridge, however, if I decide to go that route, I'll probably use the Lapua just to avoid the belt.

This ling range stuff is new to me and I still have much to study and learn. Most of the experienced LR shooters are really pushing me toward the 33 calibre and it may be prudent to listen to those who know much more than I on this subject.

When I talked with the folks at Sinclair, I received quite a lecture regarding .33 components vs. .375! It was very educational.

Thanks for your comments and congrats to your son on the fine elk.


Good luck with the project whatever you decide.

I'm being swayed tward a $125. 3 land 3 groove 28.5" Pacnor barrel threaded and chambered for 30/378wby also threaded for a brake too. Ready to go for my LH Rem.700 action. He has another in a 26.5" Lothar Walther 30/378 both lightweight contours and threaded for the Rem.700 action.

He also uses Warren Jensens bullets and gets super accuracy with them in the 30/378 too.

I have a lot of various 30 cal bullets to burn so I may jump on this for now.
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