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    Jun 22, 2011
    Got a yote this morning at about 0630 hours. A buddy of mine and myself went out and set up near a windmill and a herd of cattle. As the cows have young calves with them, the yotes have been hitting the calves pretty hard. We figured that there would be some yotes shadowing this herd waiting for an easy calf breakfast.

    We set up in a bunch of mesquite with the sun to our backs and the wind was blowing directly into our faces. I noticed there was a small, shallow naturally made ditch to my right as I sat down and thought that the coyotes might use it as a route to get to the call. We sat down about 30 yards apart and turned on the FoxPro caller.

    Now, I am wearing hearing protection with a hearing enahancer in it which also muffles sounds that get above a certain db rating. Two minutes into the call I hear padded feet hitting the ground in a fast sequence to my right. I look and the coyote is running right by and behind me no more than 10 feet away. All I could see was a big eye and teeth as it ran by. I jumped up and swung around to try to get a shot on it but it had winded me being that close and turned and ran into the mesquite. My buddy had no clue as to what was going on and was wondering why I was standing up.

    As I was standing there trying to see if I could spot the yote, I noticed movement from the same direction as the first coyote came from. It was a second yote and it came to a screeching halt as it saw me. I pulled my 6.5 Grendel AR up and put a 100 gr Nosler ballistic tip into its shoulder from about 20 yards. Needless to say, it was DRT!

    After the shot, we spotted the first coyote but it was in full speed running between cattle so we did not attempt a shot on it. It was a fast stand to say the least! Sorry no pictures but it was a skinny, young female. Most likely last years pup.
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    May 15, 2012
    LOL sounds pretty exciting! I had a similar set last month, less that 30seconds on the call and a dog busted out of the brush right in front of me and ran right past! He picked us up right away and I'm embarrassed to say we couldn't make the running shot and he got away. Calling coyotes is always exciting at least!