Stockade stocks ??

I have a Stockade "Mule Deer" on my 300 win. I love it. Kevin can do whatever you want with a stock. I ordered mine with a 15" LOP and had some mercury added into it. It carries and rides bags well. I set the rifle up to shoot prone most of the time without a break, I can shoot all day without any recoil issues ( Kevin installed a Limbsaver Pad) but it also shoulders well if I need to shoot offhand. I will buy another for my '06 if Santa doesn't come thru for me.
I've got an Elk Tracker on my 7mm and seems like a great stock so far. Just bought a Coyote Tracker for my 223 so I will have twins! Well at least they should feel the same.
I've got the Pdog/tactical. It's simply awesome. Every bit as good as an HS, but cheaper. I got mine as the money-saver and finished it myself.
i just got parrie dog money saver money saver very happy with it will buy more in the future have not finished yet i just got mine al to gether i zero it last week end it wont take much to finish just a little bedding around the recoil lug very little filler will be needed mine is std 1in recoil pad on stevens 7 mag it has aluim pillers remmend metal trigger guard for solid mount if you are considering a stock i would diffenetly go for it prices are alot more budgut frendly put the money save in to other things like a tac bolt handle i have stockades and put the lift kit in why i was their happy with that to they great stuff as far as i know
geargrinder, did you use the filler kit along with the stock and how hard was it to finish?

Nope, I just bought a little kit of Bondo from Walmat. My barrel channel had a little wobble on the edge, so I put some bondo in there to straighten it. Took me two hours tops.

For paint, I used Plastikote Stone fleck and a satin poly over that.

Do you get a good cheak weld with that stock? If a guy puts a 56mm Nightforce on there, do you think the adjustable cheek peice would be the way to go?
yeah i wish i had but i didnt have the money at the time or know how it would fell but ill be putting a cheek piece on it before i finish it
Here is my stockade with the adjustable cheek piece.
The scope is a NF 8-32x56.
This is an awesome set up. 7WSM with a Benchmark barrel and a real tack driver. It doesn't take much effort to shoot 1/2" groups at 200 yards.
The stock was really easy to finish. I used the icing stuff that Kevin recommends and only spent a couple hours on it. The paint is Rustoleum multicolor textured paint rattle can. The brown paint on the cheek piece is not textured.
It started off life as a Savage model 16 and now shoots almost as good as my custom Remington 700 6mmbr.
I'm not really happy with the muzzle brake but it does reduce the recoil quite a bit. I was hoping to be able see impacts at long range but I can't.

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