Stock Repair Suggestions Needed


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Jun 28, 2009
I have a cz 527 wood stock which has a crack at the front top forestock. The barrel is fully floated with the stock standing off the barrel a full 3/16" at the end of the forestock. The crack is completely through the stock laterally and progressed about 1 1/2" back. The cracked portion of the stock has not yet detached but as the crack works back and up with the grain it will detach. Any suggestions on repairing would be appreciated.
had 1 once do that to me i drilled multiple small holes into the stock 90 degrees to the crack and inserted oak dowl pins of the same size, glued in and clamped stock for 48 hrs took off the clamp carefully sanded the dowl pins flush and re tongue oiled the stock. it wasnt near as nice as it used to be but it still shoots good and is functional. if looks are important get a new stock.
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