Stock Paint

I have been using duracoat for several different guns and am happy but is pricey. Sometimes I do a duracoat base and then rattle can the camo patterns that way it is easy to touch up Those are usually hunting guns not real purdy guns


My rattle can. AR. Baked on in its first firing. And. Its held up great.. so. Pick a product you trust. Cook it. And enjoy... most paints like to see a baking cycle at about 135 degrees to. Bake harden.
Are you painting only the stock or are you also doing barrels and actions as well @Mram10us.

Don't think a barreled action would hold up with regular canned spray paint. Perhaps Cerekote would be much much better. Cerekote is tough and takes heat better, but pricey. A friend rattle can sprays most of his rifles, scope and all and they look like crap in no time.
I have been using Duracoat on stocks, actions, tripods, etc. and it holds up fantastic. Midway has the best price($25) and shipping rates. I spray it out of a cheap $5 Preval sprayer from Home depot and wash it out with brake cleaner or toss it when it gets too dirty.

Yep, just the stock. Barreled action will stay cerekote black for now. I am still waiting on the gun. Once I can pick it up I will pull the stock off and see if it is H-S Precision or Bell & Carlson. If it's an H-s I will send it to them for tri color desert re-paint after I try my own hand. Sounds like Duracoat is pretty reliable. Thanks all.
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