Steiner 398 Range Finder Binoculars


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Aug 30, 2010
Anyone have experience with these as hunting optics? I can't fine much on the web. I am looking to get more range than my Geovid HD's can give me, especially in flat country for small targets (like antelope). I am considering getting a vectronix terrapin, but hate having to carry a second unit. Not that I think the Steiners could compete with the terrapin, but I have two questions:

(1) would they give me a reasonable chance of getting 1500 yards on a sea of grass or stubble? I can rarely get more than about 600-700 yards with Leicas right now unless there is a hill side with a modest slope. Then 1500 is reasonable, but I rarely get antelope standing on hills. And,

(2) even if the rangefinder is better than Leica, will the glass compare? If not, I suppose I am better off keeping my Leica's and buying a separate long range rangefinder.

Also, I do not like the Swaro rangefinders, either separate or in the new EL's, and I am not considering Bushnells or lower end glass. If there are other options I am not considering, I'd like thoughts on that too (and yes, I'd love to get a pair of $10,000 military surplus Vectors or something, but that is not in the budget).

Thanks in advance.


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