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Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by dukesbb37, May 27, 2010.

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  1. dukesbb37

    dukesbb37 New Member

    May 26, 2010
    Hey guys, first time poster.

    Bought a tikka t3 in .308 a while ago, put zeiss glass on it and love it. Will likely be my short range whitetail gun for the next 10+ years. However ive got the itch to step up to a longer range rig, and a new project.

    Heres my shopping list

    Stevens 200 action (and stock if i cant find just the action)
    Some sort of tactical stock if i get just the action
    Sharp Shooter Supply trigger
    Glass bed myself
    Barrel between the 2-300 dollar range, reccomendations welcome
    Bushnell 4200 havn't decided the magnification yet
    Harris bipod
    and the all-important butler creek flip up caps.

    on to the questions.

    1) Where the heck do i find a stripped stevens 200?

    2) How hard is replacing a trigger and glass bedding. Ive never taken my gun apart more than i need to to clean.

    Thanks in advance. God bless
  2. dukesbb37

    dukesbb37 New Member

    May 26, 2010
    forgot to mention im leaning towards 300 win mag but open to suggestions. Will be used mostly for shooting milk jugs and other fun things at 3-500 yards.
  3. rinodods

    rinodods Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 2008
    If you haven't looked at savageshooters forums you should take a look. As far as actions and barrels give Jim at Northland a call. He will get you just about everything you need including the action and barrel. Might as well grab one of his recoil lugs while you are at it. For trigger I highly suggest you go with one from Sharp Shooter Supply. You'll love it. It's also pretty easy to install. You shouldn't have any trouble. The bad side of all this is the savage LA's are kind hard to find aftermarket stocks for and you'll need one. The factory one flexes far too much in the forearm. Almost unusable off a bipod. There are some for the staggerfeed LA's but most new actions are going to be centerfeed. If you can stand the wait Stockade can make you up a tactical for a great price. Any options you want. The wait is maybe 14-18wks. CDI also now makes a DBM system for Savage LA's which is awesome and stockade can do a stock for you that will fit it as well. Jims contact info is below. I'd suggest you go with a Shilen barrel rather than the McGowen. McGowen seems to be having a lot of issues of late. There is also a vendor on savageshooters doing some barrels with the handle Sinman at Sinman Arms. He can do you up a barrel from several sources as he gets blanks and chambers. He could also thread your muzzle for a break and install it. He is pretty quick on his orders. Feel free to email me if you have more questions.

    Contact Information for NSS:
    E-mail - [email protected] (that is not
    Phone - 763/682-4296
    Fax - 763/682-6098
    Mailing address:
    PO Box 333
    Buffalo, MN 55313

    Thanks in advance for everyone's patience.

    Jim Briggs
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  4. squirrelduster

    squirrelduster Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2007
    Once you get your action give Kevin a call at Stockade gun stocks. He can put your action together and a barrel on it.
    Great guy and actually honest, hard to find these days. His stocks are really easy to bed and finish. He just finished the action tune up on my 7wsm that was giving me problems. It was shooting 3" groups at 100 yards and now it is back to 3 shots covered with a quarter at 200 yards.
    Did some 600 yard shooting today and was very impressed. I don't know where you live but out west we have Big 5 sporting goods and the recently had a sale on Savage 7rem mags for $399.00 with a scope. Not a bad deal. I recently bought a used one for the same price.
  5. dukesbb37

    dukesbb37 New Member

    May 26, 2010
    Hey Rinodods you told me to contact Jim northland to buy a stripped action. I'm afraid I don't know who that is... And how do I get in contact with him?