Spin drift on LRH ballistics calculator

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    Nov 14, 2011
    Hey I just had a quick question about the output given by the spin drift in the ballistics calculator on this website.

    My data im inputting is:

    338 diam
    1.27 in long
    Right hand twist
    1/10 twist

    My POI at long range should be to the right of point of aim correct? I was a little confused because the calculator puts an "R" next to the measurement that it spits out.

    On this calculator is spindrift telling me that it impacts to the right or that my correction should be right.

    Because for wind it tells you the correction distance for example if i put in a left hand wind the data given back will have a "R" for me to make a right hand correction, not the distance that it is affected by the conditions like i feel that its giving for the spindrift.

    I just want to make sure that im reading this right