specifically the 270wsm and 150g berger????


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Oct 13, 2009
Has anyone actually done the work for a 270wsm hunting load of the high BC .277 Berger 150? Western States mule deer and tough Elk? Powders?... Velocities?... Results? (more of a max load for the elk end of the 270 wsm, shooting it to its potential?) I did read Backus' article on OAL and the Berger. I have experienced the magic with a 140 accubond. (can talk about this one another time....) Looking for results and experiences of the 150g .277 Berger hitting generally tougher "meat" at longer that normal distances (400+) Thanks in advance.....
I know this isn't exactly what your wanting but it may help. I shot a large cow elk yesterday with a 140 Berger at 335yrds through the heart, the first shot hit high and spined her with a Accubond so I thought it would be a good test for the Berger so I sent it.gun)
Entrance hole was a regular small hole then through a rib, the on side lung had a little damage then the heart looked like a grenade went of in it and the of lung had damage. The bullet did not make it to the of side and I could not find much of the bullet in the soup.
Load was 71gr Retumbo, 215 Fed, Berger 140 .015 of the lands. I'm running the 140 Berger at 3300fps so it hit her at 2640fps ish. I am very pleased with the Berger performance in this cal, I would not hesitate on and elk at 600 yrd, though I want to shoot one in that range before going longer just to be sure but I think it will be good. It will be going slower so be less explosive and penetrate good, at close range it blew up right in the vitals which is a dead elk both ways.
I'll post some pics when I get a chance in a new thread.
I tryed to get a Berger in a Muley buck but I'm not quite used to the speed I have and I lead him to far and shot just in front of his chest and it was my last Berger so I had to send a Accubond.
I don't run the 150's because I have a 1-11 twist and I can run the 140's so fast that there is not really much advantage to the 150's. Hope this helps
Thanks BignGreen.... Yep this helps... All the help I can get. I just ordered up the 150's (whew!....It took alot of searchin') because I'm shooting 1 in 10. New to Bergers and am excited to shoot them. I will try Retumbo.... Sounds like Woodleigh is releasing a 180 grain in February with 513 BC......interesting......

Still is going to take alot to get me away from the Accubonds. Thanks for even more proof for both bullets.
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