Southwest Montana Elk

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    Dec 2, 2012
    Went on a camera/Bow Hunt for the first week of Bow Season. It was a week to early for prime time rutting activity. In the next week the Elk should be in Full Rut. The small bulls were with the cows still and almost 99% of the Bugling was nocturnal. I bought a new bow and took it along but left it in camp and took my camera most of the time. I took one day and went through Yellowstone... Had not been there in 20 some years. What a disappointment. In my opinion they have totally ruined the park. I guess if you are into mud pots and fishing it might be worth the $25 to enter but if your into wildlife forget it. This week should get the Elk going and I am debating if I am going to make it down for another week. Maybe a fews days home in my bed will iron out the kinks from the cot in the tent and I will be ready to go.....dgarrett
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