Someone with Quickload, wildcat help please!


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Jan 8, 2011
My new 7mmx300wby barrel will be in next week, I'm going to use 180 berger vlds with a OAL of 3.755" or .015" in the lands also will try 3.730 .010" jump, case capacity according to reamer print will be 100.4grns h2o, so I was wondering if someone can give me approximate velocities and max loads with H1000 and Retumbo with CCI 250s in a 26" barrel, throat is about like a short freebored 7mm stw, so cross sectional bore area should be about the same. Freebore is .150". Thanks to anyone that can help.
I probably will be trying the 175 and 180 hybrid OTMs as well as 180smk's, I know it should better an stw but it should have been a 28" pipe but I ordered the 26" to be a 7wsm on a long action for a friend and they backed out so I had it chambered 7x300wby instead because I already have a 7wsm. Just wondering what kind of velocities your getting with yours on bullets that will hold together, thanks for the reply.
3350 will hld together anything faster and they come apart. with my guns i can start on the top end of the stw load data and work up. my gun with 140 accu bond will touch 3700plus with 7828 and h 1000 seams like mine is a good 250fps faster then my stw. look into reloader nest there are alot of loads over there for the 7mm 300 wby. my best berger hybrid 180 load is with rl 25 and 3300 fps with a 26 in barrel mine will go faster. started at 74 grs and worked up.
Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I have H1000, 7828ssc, Retumbo, and reloader 25, I figured those speeds were possible, just hoping to break 3200 with 1/2moa and a ES of 15 or less. Seems like its going to be a hammer to about 1200yrds if the accuracy is there.
That's the ticket then, will go nice with my 30" barreled 300wby short throat and 32" barreled hybrid throated Edge, looks like the flight path will be similar to the 208amax load and 300grn berger load. Time for another Ross break!
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