Some questions about an older Rem 870 wingmaster


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Feb 8, 2009
I have an old wingmaster from the 70's that is rated for 2 3/4" shells. Does that include modern day 2 3/4" high brass shotgun slugs with the appropriate rifled barrel? I have 2 870's a new model and the old 870 wingmaster, If I sighted my slugger with the newer 870 and the wingmaster WILL accept modern day 2 3/4" slugs if I were to switch barrels would that effect my accuracy and scope that has been sighted in from 1 shotgun action to the other? Someone made mention of possibly using an ejector for a 3" shell if the barrel is rated for 2 3/4-3" shells can this be done on the older action. Is the body that houses the firing pin on the older wingmaster made of steel and could it handle a 3" shell SAFELY?
The last 4 digits of serial# on the older 870 ends with 971v
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