Some Mid-Range Rifle "Golf" Last Night


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Nov 13, 2012
Green River, Wyoming
Took 2 buddies out for some golfin' in between rain storms. Turned into a nice evening.

Set out 4 gongs between 415 and 655 yards. All 3 of us take a shot at one gong before moving on to the next... Fewest shots fired to hit all 4 targets wins. In case of a round-count tie, the shooter closest to the bullseye wins.

Shooters & Rifles:

Ruger American, 300 BLK, 125 gr. Rem Factory Ammo (first time with it past 200 yards, had to walk him in on a few targets but crazy consistent once his holds were figured, see 535 yd gong pic)

Savage, Model 16, 22-250, 53 gr. V-Max

Savage, Model 12, 6x47 Lapua, 95 gr. SMK

I was pretty impressed with the little 300 BLK... this was my first experience with it at any level. Almost made me want one. It was pretty darned accurate! Though 650 yards is probably stretching it... :D We even found one of his near-misses in the dirt at 650 yds


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