Mid-Range Groups

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Nov 25, 2018
With supplies in such high demand and not knowing when it will let up, I decided to use some of my rarely used supplies like IMR 4350 instead of H4350 and Winchester WLRM's instead of GM210 primers. For plinking steel to about 700 I figured it would work just fine. So I settled on 39 grains of imr 4350 which gave me about 2615 fps with an SD of 10. I loaded up a dozen and shot them at 100 yards and they maintained decent groups just under .75" (just fine for me for plinking around). I shot groups at 100 yard increments out to 500 and everything was great, easily sub moa. When I got to 600, I could barely keep them on a 12" gong, switched back to my proven load and they were easily sub moa. I guess my question is... Can a load fall apart that quickly from 5 to 600 yards with a decent SD of 10 and they grouped decently @ all closer distances? I used the same 140 grain eldm bullets on both loads in an 8 twist Savage, I wouldn't think stability is an issue. Just trying to keep shooting without having to use my good stuff. Anyone ever have a load just fall apart like this?
I've had great 100 yard loads fall apart to 500 but not 500 to 600.
Check your bullet consistency from base to ogive especially from lot to lot. I would also rule out brass variations also.
If that's all good then going back to your proven load answers the question.