SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD** WTS: 6.5-284 built by Leonard Baity **SOLD**


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Aug 29, 2011
Collegeville, PA
• Built by Leonard Baity and stocked by Bill Shehane
• Rifle is NEW/UNFIRED!
• Stiller’s Precision Firearms premier competition series PYTHON single-shot action; RB/LP
• Bolt customized with spiral flutes and coned bolt face
• One-piece scope base is part of the action; Kelbly-style compatibility
• Jewel BR trigger
• Broughton 5C, 1:8 twist, 30” SS barrel, tapers to 1” at muzzle
• .290 Neck Diameter
• Custom JP Rifles Muzzle brake; removable
• Shehane Tracker stock with multiple coats of automotive clear; 3" wide forend with vent on bottom
• Aluminum pillars and bedded
• Kick-Eze recoil pad
• 100 NEW Lapua brass already neck turned and chamfered
• Moved on to short-range BR by the time I received this rifle and would rather have cash for new projects.
• FFL to FFL insured shipping in a padded gun case within another box
• Payment by bank cashiers check
• Two-day inspection to ensure your satisfaction
• $3,495 + shipping

610-564-3366 (E.S.T.) or [email protected]


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