SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD!!! Ultimate LR Deer Rifle 6.5/284

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    This rifle is the Ultimate all around any type of varmint/deer/yote gun. Built by Mike Bryant. Win Mod. 70LA push feed, 6.5/284 .290 neck, 28.5" #5 Hart 8 twist fluted barrel. Removable side vent only muzzle break with protector cap. Pillar bedded into a McMillan Forest Camo HTG stock. Jewel Trigger. All metal is teflon coated black. Leupold 6.5-20X50 LR 30mm tube side focus mil-dot sits in badger ordinance rings and atop a badger 20 moa tapered base. The rings have been lapped for a perfect fit.
    I have 175 pieces of lapua brass and about 50 of them have been fire formed and necks are turned. With this goes the Forested BR dies with ultra seater. I also will throw in about 250 142 SMK's
    This rifle has about 300 rounds through it which was all barrel break in and load development. I have a load that will yield an average of 3100 fps and shoot into the .2's all day long. All info will go with the rifle.
    I have personally shot 2.5" groups at 500 yards with this rifle. I am involved in another project that turned out to be more than first thought and I actually dread giving this one up...

    Pics available upon request.

    $2650.00 OBO

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