SOLD/EXPIRED Sold: Rem 700 Custom KS Mountain Rifle .300WM *pics

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    Aug 25, 2002

    Rifle is in excellent condition, very well maintained, and is everything it is touted to be - just don't need this caliber for the hunting I do.

    Custom Shop rifle w/ McMillan Kevlar stock, etc. Remington's website gives all of the details here:

    Remington 700 Custom KS .300WM Mountain Rifle

    104 documented rounds fired. Barrel properly cleaned & broken in correctly, using only BR quality cleaning tools/agents. Shoots .75moa with factory Win 180gr's and better with handloads.

    Retail on rifle alone is $1314.00

    Includes 1 - 20 round box of factory Win 180gr ammo & a set of Lee .300WM dies.


    Thanks for looking.

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