SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD: Custom Savage Barreled Action (6.5x47 Lapua) $950

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    Mar 2, 2013

    After finishing up this one, I've decided to go in another direction. This is a project that won't get finished by me. It is a rare Savage with a traditional-style threaded barrel (no barrel nut), and lots of custom parts and 'smithing.

    - Factory Savage stainless short-action with 4.27" bolt spacing
    - Traditional-style barrel threading (no barrel nut)
    - Blue printed action and trued bolt face
    - PT&G spiral fluted bolt with over-sized bolt body diameter
    - Accu-Trigger w/adjustment tool
    - Sharp Shooter's Supply competition recoil lug (stainless)
    - Sharp Shooter's Supply tactical bolt knob (stainless)
    - as shown, weighs 7.9lbs

    - Bartlein 5R stainless barrel
    - 24" bolt face to muzzle (0.923" muzzle diameter)
    - 1/8" twist
    - M24 Contour
    - 11 Degree Crown

    - Chambered with brand-new PT&G finishing reamer
    - 6.5x47 Lapua
    - 0.160" free bore (for getting the 140s up in the case neck)
    - 2.757" OAL w/142g SMK (touching lands)
    - 2.740" OAL w/139g Lapua (touching lands)

    Asking $950 shipped CONUS to your FFL. Your FFL must accept from individuals. No trades please.

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