Smith Enterprise Customer Service Rocks!

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I dont know if this is the proper place to post this or not? A few weeks ago I took my LRB rifle to Smith Enterprise to have the barrel, gas system and bolt stop swapped out. They installed the extended bolt stop, 18" medium weight M80ht barrel into my Sage Mod 0 and did a trigger job on Win trigger assembly. It took them roughly 2 weeks to finish all the work. When I went to pick the rifle up they had forgotten to change out the bolt stop and they swapped it right in front of me. A few days after that I took it out to the range to zero it, the rifle shot awesome with some Malaysian ball ammo I had. After roughly 30 rounds I looked down at the receiver and to my horror the rear ear that holds the bolt stop was broken out. I couldn't believe my eyes, I searched the desert for hours looking for the missing piece but never found it. I then emailed LRB with the problem and they said that Smith Enterprise had installed the bolt stop incorrectly and had cracked the ear. Then after firing it broke all the way. Lrb said that they could fix it for $475.00 if I send them the complete rifle and $200 for just the receiver plus shipping. I talked to Smith Enterprise and they were positive that there was no way they damaged the ear installing the roll pin and besides I was there when they replaced it and it was quick easy swap. Ron said that "The core hardness of that area was to high in that thin section of the receiver and that is why it broke. Ron also said that "with heat treating you really have to know what you are doing and even then its hard to say how things will turn out, thats why they call this a skilled trade." I told Ron the whole situation with Lrb and me having to pay to have them fix their receiver and Smith Enterprise said that they would replace the whole receiver with one of theirs at no cost to me. For me to say I am excited is an understatement. Smith Enterprise has done nothing but given me the best customer service anyone could ask for. I was really bummed and was preparing to have to drop another five hundred to one thousand dollars back into my gun to have it fixed and now I wont have to because of Ron’s outstanding service. I am not writing this thread to bash on LRB or anything just to tell my story and how each company treated their customer. I will post some pics of my rifle when I get a chance.