Small pistol primers....I know, I know........


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Jan 7, 2015
Southwest Wyoming
I bet everyone on here is looking for these as well, so it's a long shot ha ha

Looking for small pistol primers for my wife's new Springfield Range Officer Target 9mm. I have access to bullet moulds, plenty of powder, brass is a non issue, just looking for some primers, this is the first small pistol caliber in the family so prior to this we haven't needed them. If I can acquire a thousand or two, I'll pull down this post, she is just interested in joining a USPSA club for fun, so I'm gathering a holster/mag pouch/belt rig, all the goodies needed, and would like to be set up to load a couple thousand rounds for her to practice and compete with.

I live in SW Wyoming, but we travel to surrounding states from time to time. My local Sportsman's Warehouse gets some in occasionally, so that is also an option. I missed the primer dump at powder valley and midsouth by minutes today, even had it in my cart, went to check out, and they had -13 in inventory ha ha!! So close....but yet so far!!

And here is a pic of my wife's new piece to admire.....not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous!!20210110_215125.jpg