Slightly used barrels Bat HR & Defiance


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Jun 29, 2017
Cleaning out my stash. I have the following barrels for sale. I use/test different stuff all the time and just don’t have time to play with these anymore. They shot great and have limited rounds. Bat HR have same head space so these would just screw right on.

BAT HR both #4 contour
Broughton spiral fluted: 1:8.5 24” finish
28 Nosler cerekoted black 195 rounds Dallas Lane chambered
7/300 PRC. 150 rounds. T1 plus Alex Wheeler
Have brass snd dies for both

Krieger 1:10 26” finish 338 Norma Improved #5
300 rounds. T2 brake Alex wheeler

28” Sendero Broughton 1:8.5 7 saum. 300 rounds. .235 FB. Chambered for Defiance XM or long action. Three port blended brake. Alex Wheeler

Curtis 6 creedmoor. 1:7 twist. 24” finish. 50 rounds. Sendero contour. 26” finish. 3 port brake blended.

Barrels with brakes are 550 shipped. No brake is 500 shipped. Would be open to some trades. Berger bullets. Powder. Primers. Quality brass. Located in Bellevue, WA


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