SII Big Sky or Leupold VXII


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Dec 11, 2004
Hegins, Pa.
Hello, Went to Cabela's today with the idea of getting a VX3 4.5-14 CDS and honestly without a
AO I couldn't focus it on a eye chart they have hanging at 92 yards. The VX3's with AO or side focus were crystal clear but were more expensive. I looked at the VXII in 6X18 and used the AO to get the chart very clear, I think as clear as the VX3's, but a little leary from what I read about the VXII's not tracking as good as some scopes. Now I'm looking at the Sightrons. The one I'm interested in is the SII Big Sky in 6.5X20X50 with a dot reticle. The price is around $539.00 which is about all I could spend. In your opinions which is a better scope, the 6X18 VXII or the Sightron SII? I'm putting it on a 300 Weatherby Accumark. Thanks for your replies. PaLuke

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