Sightron question


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Nov 28, 2010
Does anyone know if the tactical sightronsIII will have zero stops in 2013 ? It appears to be about the perfect scope for me other than not having a zero stop. I plan on calling them tomorow, just thought someone on here might have the skinny right now. Thanks
Well folks I talked to Sightron today, and Im afraid its not good news. I will say this, they are probably the nicest bunch of folks out there. They took the time out of their day to listen to me and answer all of my questions. I can see why sightron has such a strong fan base.
As for the zero stop, they will not be coming out with one as of now till atleast after 2014 if at all. They are in the process of R&D now, but dont know if they will ever make it to production. They said that it is not something that is too high on their priority list as of now and that their research has concluded there isnt a huge number of people that are wanting them.
SOOOO, for all of you sightron fans out there wanting a zero stop, I recomend that you drop a quick email to sightron on this matter. Please be sure to include your contact info as well so that they can contact you and get your thoughts on the matter. Thanks
I am a huge sighton fan! I will say that I have no use for a zero stop myself as I set all my scopes up at the bottom of there adjustment with base and ring inserts. I would like to see them do one just so that more people would see that you can get top quality glass for $1000 and under.
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