Sierra Infinity 6

I have ver 5 and plugged in 10,000 yds and it stopped at 7,200 yds stating that
"Your bullet/velocity combination is inconsistent with your maximum range."

BTW I is used a .308 cal, 200gn Accubond at 3200fps and sighted in at 100yds.

At 7,200 yds that would be 148,173.62 inches of drop,

Think they make a rail for a scope mount to "help"??:rolleyes:

Most ballistic programs I ran across go out past 1000 yds.
teknys, save $ on the rail by simply aiming at about 75 degrees above the horizon.:)
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Sierra V6 is good for 1982 format. Its a good program. I just feel they could have dressed up the format. For 2009 standards , the format really sucks. Its not user friendly , restricts to 5 bullets/per inventory, Print is too small for failing eyes. Come on , They certainly could have done a better job. They should go out and hire a program designer. The may be great ballistions , but software designers they are not. Got to Hornady home page and take a look. lightbulb
I have version 5 (which works fine) and was thinking about updating to version 6. Will I be gaining anything, or just getting a new disk w/o any scratches???:D
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