Showing on my new carbon fiber stock


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Oct 9, 2008
North Alabama
I contacted Apline Gunworks about their light weight, super adjustable stocks a few months ago. He had to redesign it to accomidate my Surgeon 591 action, and Fed-Ex delivered my prize two days ago. Instulation was easy with only a couple allen wrenches need for full adjustments. The fit and construction of the stock is very precise and the adjustments are very fast and easy. Overall I am very happy with this upgrade and I plan on having future builds with this stock. I will be writing a full review, with more pics, and submitting it very soon.
I'm not sure why you don't see this style of stock more often. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Looking forward to your review.
The stock is fully adjusted to me and is much more comfortable to shoot. It fits in my E-stock X1 pack a lot better than the Manners stock that it replaced. After the late doe season I will be writing up the review for this site and others. Overall I am extremely happy with the stock.
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