Shot grouping (rifle only)

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    May 29, 2010
    Ok you technicians; I have a grouping question. Considering the Browning A Bolt BOSS system is the correct theory; would there not be an optimum grain load for all known calibers and barrel length. I.E. Sample; is a Howa .243 with a 95 grain pill and/or a Howa 30.06 with a 150 grain pill harmonically in balance so to speak? Would not there be known barrel lengths and power and load weight charges known over the whole range from .17 HMR to the 50 BMG. If anyone knows of such a data charts that are available for standard length, I sure would be interested what pills to buy. That said I’m not sawing off barrels to fit a load. I know our .22 LR’s come in quite a variety of lengths. The center fire rifles not so much, aren’t most of those 22, 24 etc.?
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