SOLD/EXPIRED Shooting table leg brackets and a couple tops for sale


May 14, 2014
Rhode Island
Recently I built a few tables for family and friends. We wanted versatility in what we used for legs and came up with this design. The bracket works best with 1 1/2" electrical EMT conduit for light weight and 1/ 1/4" black schedule 40 for someone that wants some weight to it.

Plates are 4" x 4" plates with 3/8" holes

We had to order a 22' piece of tubing, so I have a bunch left over and thus the ad.
For a set of three brackets, 60$ shipped in a medium flat rate box. If you want multiple sets, we can deduct $13 a set, as long as they all fit in the same box.

I also have two table tops left over (24" wide tapered to 12" by 42" long). They are 3/4" plywood, with routered edges and two cut outs to stand your rifles up to cool. If anyone is interested.... $50 plus actual shipping. If the table tops sell and there is interest for more, I will probably upgrade to a 1" MDO plywood and adjust the price a bit to cover cost.

Please send orders via PM.