SOLD/EXPIRED Shooting tables, leg brackets and unfinished tops


May 14, 2014
Rhode Island
Shooting Tables, Unfinished Tops and Custom Leg Brackets for sale.

The leg brackets are custom made to be used with 1.5" electrical EMT, cut to a 15 degree angle, and have a 4"x4" base with 3/8" holes.

The leg brackets are $75 shipped TYD and I will include a full size pattern for a top, if you want it.

The unfinished tops are $75 plus actual shipping. They are made out of 3/4" birch veneer plywood, all edges rounded over, two cut outs for standing your rifle up, and drilled for the leg brackets.

A complete assembled tables consist of:

1 top sanded and finished with two coats of polyurethane.
1 1"x1"x1/4" angle iron brace for the bottom, to prevent warping and add rigidity to the table
3 Leg brackets
3 1.5" EMT legs cut to your desired length (up to 40")
Final assembly

Once the table arrives, you will take it out of the box, insert the legs into the brackets and go shooting.

Pricing for a complete table is dependent on shipping to your zip code. PM me, I will calculate the shipping and get right back to you.