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Shooting Apps Review

By ADMIN · Jul 25, 2016 ·
  1. ADMIN

    ADMIN Administrator

    Mar 6, 2008
    This is a thread for discussion of the article, Shooting Apps Review, By Nate Demiter. Here you can ask questions or make comments about the article.
  2. TXshooter

    TXshooter Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2012
    Nice look into the different shooting apps. I use isnipe mostly. Which I prefer over both shooter and ballistics. Really in my opinion they all give the same calculation. It's the way they present the information that is different. I'm always curious about people's views on these apps because I got isnipe long ago before I had ever heard of the others but very few app discussions ever mention it.
  3. veezer

    veezer Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2010
    The timing of this couldn't be better. I have been using Ballistic Standard Edition 6.1.0 for a few years and although it does give me good to excellent data, the support from the programmers has fallen off to nothing. The last update I received was probably last fall and after that the weather gathering aspect quit working. I emailed them back in March and was told they were aware of it and were working on a fix. Well, there still hasn't been an update and even the new Hornady Eld bullet offerings are not on there either. It seems to me that they have pretty much abandoned this edition of the program so I guess it is time to go a different route for my ballistic software.

    I have a few friends that have been using shooter, so I think I will give it a try.
  4. ssssnake529

    ssssnake529 Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    I've been using Strelok Pro and Trasol apps for a while now.

    I found that I use Strelok when I'm hunting, and Trasol when I'm doing long distance plinking at steel targets.

    The Strelok interface is extremely fast and user friendly, and I really love the scope reticle feature as it helps me better visualize my horizontal holds.

    Trasol is good too, but I find I'm faster using Strelok under stress.

    One of these days, I'm going to compare firing solutions from Trasol, Strelok, Horus, and Barrett. My unscientific anecdotal use seems to indicate that the math is pretty close for all 4 of these out to 600 yards or so, and then they start to diverge a bit. I need to spend a day in the desert shooting steel and checking to see which one gives better results at 600+ yards.
  5. Shooterguy

    Shooterguy New Member

    Oct 19, 2016
    Sherlok works the best for me too! thanks for sharing about the other one! I'll check it out)
  6. mildot1960

    mildot1960 Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2013
    I have been using Strelok for about the past 4 years, The layout is perfect for making fast shots, Once you have the front page loaded all you have to do is type in the distance and hit CALC and you get the Solution straight away, And the Drop down chart is the right way up Starting from Zero at the top and the MAX range at the bottom of the page, and it is perfect for confirming what the LRF is saying,

    Using my LRF's factory presets it says the following,

    My LRF says 495 yds 3* degrees @ 48" Low and / Or 2.7 Mils,
    and Strelok says @ 495yards @ 48.1" Low and / Or 2.7 Mils.

    That is accurate to within 0.0002" per yard over that distance or 2/10,000th of an inch per yard.

    I Think that is pretty close @ a 1/10th of an inch at 500 yds +/-

    I have tried all the others and I don't think that there is a faster or Clearer App out there, And as pointed out the retical /scope feature is brilliant and all the important features are on the first page as well as the solution and I can get the solution in under 3 seconds in MOA MRAD Inches and Clicks all at once.

    Hope this helps,

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  7. dfanonymous

    dfanonymous Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2016
    Ive been using ballistic ae advanced addition which is similar and i would concur, its pretty useful.
    The library is pretty big for bullet selection, they have some of the elds now,
    the wind never really works that great for me, its easier when i just do it on paper...but i might be doing something wrong, but when i link it to kestrel its fine.
    spin drift is pretty accurate to me, as well as coriolis.
    elevation is amazing, i just true in all my data and it gives me good outputs.
    it measures groups though pictures if you dont want to take calipers down range
    best thing for me is, i can use it even when i dont have signal, so i can take it in the sticks with a solar charger if i dont want to use the kestrel by itself.
  8. newmexkid

    newmexkid Well-Known Member

    Apr 11, 2011
    Been using this program for almost 3 years. Extremely easy to learn and navigate.
  9. NorthernWhitetails

    NorthernWhitetails Active Member

    Feb 22, 2012
    Pretty hard to beat Strelok Pro in real world situations! Now with almost 1900 different reticules to choose from!
    I have a bait out on the lake in front of our cabin, at exactly 300 yds, the wind here is commonly 10/25 kts NW if weather is clear. Thats a direct crosswind to how I am shooting.
    When the " reporter" goes off at 1am, I jump up and check my weather station to get exact velocity and quickly enter it in Strelok and bingo it gives me clicks to hit correcting for lots of wind, or if I tap
    Reticule it shows exactly how to hold for that wind velocity.
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