Shipping barrel blanks


Dec 1, 2005
Is it legal to ship rifle barrel blanks through the us mail private party to private party ?
Have done so many times, no problem. But if asked for a description, I usually say its " a steel tube".
Good to know. Correct me if I'm wrong it's the action that has to be shipped to an FFL. Please advise. Thanks.
+1 On the steel tube description. I had a heck of a time trying to ship a barrel blank for a rifle I was planning on re barreling. I bought a tube to re barrel a mosin nagant (before you ask, I wanted to do it for the same reason a Coyote cleans himself :)) and the gunsmith ended up misquoting me when I was pricing it out. I showed up at his shop and he wanted TRIPPLE what he quoted me a month before just to thread it! I was going to do all the chamber work myself. So I ended up finding a guy who wanted the barrel for a rebuild he was doing. Went down to UPS and made the mistake of saying it was a gun barrel. Girl behind the counter started eyeing me and saying they wouldn't ship it. I had to go to the main hub which wasn't open till the next day. Then the girl behind that counter wanted to charge me a hazardous materials fee! Finally got to talk to a manager with some sense and she told me next time to just say it was a car part. After all that it finally shipped after 3 days of trying.

I didn't hear anything for a week or so and decided to track the shipment and found out they'd lost the barrel after all that! The update said the package was damaged and the item was lost. Then they tried to tell me it was my fault even though I had insurance on it and they packed it! It took me about 3 months to get my money back and get the money back for the value of the blank.
Next time I'm telling them its a $900 car axle rotator girder:rolleyes:
I've had better luck with Fedex. Have shipped numerous firearms from my area with them and everytime they ask if all of the paper work is in order and inside the box. I tell them that it is and off it goes. They've never lost one. Not to say that it couldn't happen with the wrong employee working the window.
They tried to say that since the package was still there and the barrel fell out and was lost that it was my fault for bad packaging. They denied the claim before it was even reported missing to me. I had to spend about 3 hours on the phone telling them that THEY packaged it before I could finally get instructions to appeal the denied claim. After that I had to send them proof of the worth of the item, proof that I had sent it and proof of where it was going to. It was a heck of an ordeal to appeal a claim that was denied before it was even filed.
Sounds like w/ups your guilty and had to proof your innocent...unbelievable, thanks for sharing.
The reason I ask is that I bought a barrel blank, the box arrived with a hole and no barrel. I submitted a claim with the USPS because it was insured. They denied the claim, stating, " Pistols, revolvers, and other firearms capable of being concealed on a person can only be mailed between authorized dealers as stated in 18 USC 1715."

This was a 26-28' unthreaded, unchambered barrel blank! ***? Of coarse I'll file an appeal, I just want to get my facts straight first.
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