SOLD/EXPIRED Shilo Sharps Old Reliable 45-70


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Aug 8, 2009
Evansville, WI
26" Heavy Octagon barrel, single trigger and standard buckhorn and blade sights on barrel, with small folding veiner(tang) on stock. PM me with your email address if your looking for a Sharps (made by C. Sharps, Montana) and for pictures. Price is $1,250.00.

Full disclosure: I'll say rifle is 90+ percent, because of handling marks on bottom of stock - no scratches and finish is intact. Very small imperfection on finish of action - left side. About the size of a period from a #2 pencil. Serial #0-7XX. Includes 70 rounds of ammo.

Barrel is stamped "C. Sharps Bigfoot Montana" and "Old Reliable" sorry for my confusion.
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Sorry, unable to post pictures to this sight. LRH wants URL for pictures and I only have them on my personal PC. Send email address through PM and I'll send pics.

I did update post with info and price.
Just so you know, Shiloh Sharps is made by Shiloh Sharps. It is a different company then C Sharps. Both are made in Big Timber, MT.
It's funny that you posted about these 2 companies. I didn't remember the C. Sharps Company either. When I was checking the web for the the "Old Reliable" saw C. Sharps over and over. I just assumed they changed the name of the company since I bought the rifle - some 25 years ago.

Thanks for the heads up.
If I remember the story correctly, A fellow by the name of Wolfgang Droedge was building Shiloh sharps rifles in Farmington, New York state and was struggling with the business. John (cant remember his last name) the owner of C-Sharps told Wolfgang that he would partner with him, so Wolfgang moved Shiloh to Big Timber to work with John. John is an arrogant *** and Wolfgang decided to go back out on his own. While John was out of town, Wolfgang moved all of his equipment to a new shop and started his Shiloh Sharps business again. John has retained the rights to the "old reliable" which Shiloh originally had before he partnered with C-Sharps and moved to MT. Christian Sharps (the builder of the originals) used to put the "old reliable" trademark on his original 74 sharps that he built.

To end this story, John is still an arrogant ***, Wolfgang had sold his business to an employee. Wofgang passed away about a year ago now.

Shiloh is the #1 Sharps reproduction, with C-Sharps 2nd and then the several Italian verions last.

Just so you know, I have a C-Sharps that I shoot BPCR Shilloette matches with, and most shooters that shoot Sharps have Shilohs. I personally think they are nicer made rifles. Jeff

Thanks for the history lesson. I've owned this rifle for 25+ years and somewhere along the line I got things all confuserized:) That said, I should have refreshed my memory prior to listing my Sharps.

After reading your post, much of it rang a bell in my head. Last time I was really up on who's who of Sharps rifles was when I subscribe to a news letter. That was many years ago.

If I don't sell my Sharps it's not really a big deal - another 25 years of ownership would be great. The only reason I'm selling any of my rifles is because I have gotten into the AR-15, AR-10 and Tactical .308 in a really big way. I don't see me shooting any of my rifles I have owned for the past 3 decades. Scratch that... I will never sell my Remington 788 in .308. It's was my first high power rifle and it is deadly accurate. Funny how my least expensive plain Jane rifle puts most others to shame. But the Remington 788 is another whole story.