Shilen Built Rem 40XBR........


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Jun 14, 2002
middle Tennessee
I have an extremely clean Shilen Built Remington 40XBR single shot........for Sale, although I would consider Trades for a Custom Action/Custom Rifle (more info below):

It's currently sporting a VIRGIN HV Accumax II [Gain Twist, and Choke rifled, 1-13.25" twist] barrel chambered in .262 necked 6mm PPC.

I have a spare LV Hart 1-14" "fire-forming" barrel to go along with the package.

20 MOA Kelby Bases, because I was going turn this into a F-Class rifle in .257 H&H or 6.5 Grendel. Kelby Rings, and Risers allowing one to shoot entirely free recoil.

The Morgan Adjustable recoil pad "can be included" with a fair deal, as well as the correct Wilson Hand Dies; sorry my Arbor Press is NOT for sale.

T-36x Weaver with the 1/8 Target Dot reticule.

Custom machined Bolt: Custom Bolt Head with Sako Extractor threaded onto the factory 40XBR bolt body, with three pressure relief holes in the event that over pressure blows a primer.

2 Oz. Shilen Trigger. The action has been glued into the stock, as per Benchrest Custom.

The Bolt Head could easily be opened up for the likes of a 6.5x47 Lapua, which was another consideration of mine.

-------> I'm ONLY wanting to sell/trade because I am wanting to build a tack-driving Rem 700 in 7mm Rem Mag (long-throated for the 180 or the 195 Bergers), with a 1-8" Twist.

I already have an older Rem 700 with the High Nickel content bolt handle (back when Remington built them much better), however it is currently a 25-06 (I also have a spare older style bolt with the Magnum Bolt Face---also high nickel handle). I have a 1-8" X-Caliber Remage ready to go, however I am wanting the action completely Blue Printed, and a M-16 or Sako Extractor.

I would trade for a custom Remington 700 BDL Type "CLONE" Custom action that is Blue Printed OUT-OF-THE-BOX; or a Completed Rifle that matches what I am going to build. Depending on any interest, I might sell the Older very low round count 25-06 barreled action, the older Rem 700 bolt with the Magnum Bolt Face, and I would sell the brand new X-Caliber 7mm Rem Mag, 1-8" twist.......ALL depending on "interest."

I'm going to "ask" $2500 for the pictured rifle, dies, and new Lapua brass; NEGOTIABLE.


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