Remington 40XBR, .262 nk, 6mm PPC


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Jun 14, 2002
middle Tennessee
A Excellent Remington 40XBR, in .262 neck 6mm PPC originally built by Shilen. Shilen 2 oz. trigger. Original Shilen 1-14" twist Light Varmint barrel, PLUS a virgin $900 Accumax II Heavy Varmint barrel (1-13.75, Gain Twist, Choked Barrel; barrel was NEVER FIRED, and 'Smithed by Jim Hillin), Weaver T-36 1/8 MOA dot with Target Turrets, on Kelby polished Rings, Base, and Riser (Riser allows the perfect "Free Recoil Hold"; the Kelby bases are 20 MOA, as this WAS going to be a switch barrel 6.5mm Grendel or Quick Twist 22/6mm PPC F-Class rifle). NOTE: The "two rifle holder" and Morgan Premium Adjustable Butt Plate are NOT included.
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>>>ASKING $2200. Possibly Open to trades or partial trades plus Cash.<<<

PS. I am really interested in XP100s; TC Pro Hunter Encore Pistols; Savage Strikers, etc. (I'm going lighter because of a back injury.) Located in Middle TN.