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SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 40XBR .222 with 24x Unertl Programmer


New Member
Feb 5, 2010
This is a mid 80's Remington 40XBR in .222 I forgot to take measurements but from what I remember it has the 20" bull barrel. It is in great condition. I actually keep it in a soft case in my safe. No dings/scrapes, almost in as new condition. It has a blue sticker on the left side that came with it when I bought it.

Scope is a 24 power J. Unertl programmer scope with Unertl posa-mounts. Also in excellent condition. There is a small area behind the rear mount where the bluing is worn but that is about it. As for full disclosure, it has fine cross hairs and while I was looking it over and taking pictures it looks like the right side of the horizontal cross hair is disconnected.

It will come with two 100 round custom bullet cases and 126 hand loaded rounds. and 75 fired cases.

I got this gun in a package deal with 9 other rifles. I have owned it for over 3 years and haven't gotten a chance to shoot it. I live in SE Michigan and there aren't many ranges to shoot at. I figured I would list it for sale here first before gunbroker or other long range gun sites. I am selling as a combo for now and would not consider splitting the gun and scope up right now. I have done a little research into current prices and will offer it for $2400.00 obo. I can send my email address or cell # to anyone interested. I will also be willing to take any additional pictures but it might take a day or so for turnaround.

Now for the pics!