Semi-Custom Rem 700 LSS


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Nov 25, 2014
Nice Rem 700 LSS with a custom 27”’barrel in .338 RUM. The bolt has a Sako style extractor installed. Has some marks and freckling. Would clean up nice with a fresh bead blast.

I don’t know the pedigree of the barrel or smith. I bought this rifle used for parts, shot a few rounds of factory (the first three factory rounds went just over 1” at 100 yards, the rest were used to bust rocks), decided to round up some brass and do some load development, then decided I have too many gun projects in my life.

Prefer to sell as a complete rifle (no scope) but will separate if someone wants just the barreled action.

$850 for the complete rifle including one piece scope mount

$700 for the barreled action including bottom metal and trigger

Can also include 100 pieces 1x brass for $100

6FCB0545-3A05-48FC-BA1C-4F6479DC366E.jpeg 446623E2-D0CF-4EBC-9290-0B8B4692625E.jpeg 20D30B48-3A90-40BD-8925-8BC59BF7264A.jpeg 7C8F3CCF-C34B-4DD1-8A3D-7D1589B738F3.jpeg 90C22AC5-8427-4146-9C3D-17D232B77912.jpeg 31164FC4-AC82-44F6-A899-62B1AECE701C.jpeg B0228908-39DC-45FC-95DB-CDA343102E4A.jpeg 87AA3630-AD38-4308-89CB-E554AC43784D.jpeg 3EAC5BC5-E46D-40C4-A2DD-66DD91888976.jpeg E2709B66-50D5-4C97-A521-22C1430BB114.jpeg