Searching for the best WPB boot lining (Still Gore-Tex?)

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    Sep 15, 2012
    All my boots with a Waterproof Breathable (WPB) lining have been Gore-Tex until now. My most recent pair of Merrill MOAB Mid boots that have a "Select Dry" membrane bootie. It has worked OK so far with about the same breathability as Gore-Tex.

    It is TBD just how long it will last. My GTX lined boots usually lasted about 3 years of moderate to hard use before leaking at flex areas.

    I've seen "Out Dry" WPB boot linings and even eVent, which is an expensive and durable WPB membrane. I have eVent rain parka and pants that are better than GTX for breathability and just as good for water proofing.

    Anyone here have any WPB boot linings that they found to be good other than Gore-Tex?

    Eric B.