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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
Over the last few years I have sold raffle tickets for different drawings on here and you have all been very supportive. Our objective through all of these raffles has been to get more and better equipment. our search & Rescue squad is unique in that we not only do the typical search and rescue stuff but because of the way our county is set up we actually do all motor vehicle accident extrication. We also respond to all fires to fill scba bottles for the firemen. Our county is very big in area but has just a bunch of small towns so we are set up this way to be sure we can come up with the man power needed. We have the 3rd highest call volume for searches alone in the state of wyoming and the highest overall amount of callouts.
For years we have had 2 trucks, one is for extrication and has all of that equipment on it, the other is for transporting personnel and pulling trailers with equipment. so we have relied on personal vehicles of our members to get people and equipment to the mountain or wherever if we had more than 4 people respond. With the help of our community and many of you we were finally able to purchase another truck. There is a picture of it in the link below. We need just a few things to get this truck in service.
A Winch ready bumper
off road/driving lights
random accessories that go along with that.

You guys have been awesome in helping out search & Rescue in the past I hope with your help we can get this project finished up. I have set up a gofundme page here is a link to it.
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