Do a search on Springfield Armory... there's a bunch of info... same question as yours comes up a lot.

Short answer from me is... buy a different scope.
Do yourself a favor and buy a scope from a company that specialized in optics, not firearms.
I had a Springfield with many a problem. Had to send it back and eventually got rid of it. The optics were clear and the range finding reticle was neat, but my major complaint was with the mushy target turrets that had questionable repeatability, and a 56mm objective is pretty massive. Too massive for me.
Oh yeah, and eye relief sucks on these scopes. I had a problem with the little red tab that opens the Butler Creek cap always hitting me in the nose.
IMO, Leupold has the best product for the price, and their customer service is outstanding.
Thanks folks I will not be buying a Springfield Armory scope.A friend of mine wanted me to get the scoop on them, I suggested Leupold or Weaver of which I own
and have found dependable. Thanks again and good shooting to you!!
Interesting observation if you ever read one of their scope adds. Most companies that manufacture quaility scopes will brag like hell about their superior optics.

Not Springfield Armory, hardly a mention about their optics in their adds.

I had the 2nd gen .308 reticle model. Neat concept, but a very poorly built scope.
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