Scope rotating on recoil


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
The Nightforce my brother has in Leopold rings is rotating on recoil and is as tight as he can get it. What's the answer here in your experience?
Hate to sound like a smart-*** but he should consider moving up to Badgers, the problem will end. Consider the MAX 50's. I know of a situation where MK4's wouldn't hold a certain scope on a McMillan 50BMG and the MAX 50's ended the problem.

I also saw a fellow who does a lot of shooting big boomers place a little bit of a sticky rubber compound in each ring to grip his scopes. The rubber stuff is available for dipping tools into to make a rubbery handle - have no idea what it is called. Very sticky texture, he claimed it held very well - one of my outfitter buddies paints is on boots to waterproof them.

No doubt part of the problem is the weight of the Nightforce, makes for a lot of inertia when that sucker goes off.

I am sure that Darryl and some of the other guys will have an answer to your problem.
Good luck.
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