Scope power affects rectile


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Oct 8, 2012
Hello to all! I am VERY new to long rage shooting. I found this forum when reading on Parallex on high power scopes. Great information!!

My question is how does the different power ranges affect the FFP rectile to the target. Example; I have a Weaver 4.5X18 - 40mm scope (best I could do on my budget) on my ArmaLite AR-10. I zeroed the scope in at 100 yards using the lowest power. But when I adjust the power to let's say 14 power and I shoot the 100 yard range again, I can not see where the bullet goes. I have tried to search this forum but did not find any information on this subject, obviously I do not really know what to search.

If there is a good right up somewhere please point me to this information.

Thanks again!!

Jim Whalen


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Sep 10, 2010
FFP effects what the reticle does when you zoom in and out (keeps your measurements accurate). Nothing should effect your point of impact when you zoom in and out. If your scope is changing point of impact as you adjust the zoom send it back


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Oct 26, 2011
E. Wa
I dont think his scope is changing POI (point of impact) (thats how I read his post anyway) its just that the reticle "blocks out" his POI because the cross hairs or center dot gets bigger at that magnification. One of the trade offs of a front focal plane scope at close distance. And at long range they will block out the small things. Like a prarie dog at 500+ yards sticking just his head out of the hole. But if the POI changes that is a scope problem. Needs to go in for repair.