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Oct 27, 2012
I am looking for a reccomendation on bases and rings; I purchased a Browning Stainless Stalker with a Boss system in a 300 win mag. I mounted a Huskimaw Blue Diamond on the gun with Leupold Dovetail bases and rings. Everything went well untill after about 60 rounds and then my groups went nuts. at about 75 rounds the dovetail on the rear mount sheared off. Leupold told me this has been a common problem? When I asked the rep if the components were made out of this country he would not give a clear answer.
Anyway, I would like some reccomendations from someone who knows more about this then me. I would like to someday get good enough to shoot accuratley to 1000 yards. I believe a 20 MOA rail is the proper set up, but I don"t know the best brand of rail and rings? The gun will get packed around and see its share of hunting abuse, so I am willing to pay for good, solid equipment.
Thanks for the help and have a nice day.
I personally like the Burris Signature Zee rings. Have them on top of my savage lrp in .260. Haven't shot 1000 yards yet but took a prairie dog at 792 yards.
For the Browning, I believe Talley makes the best quality 20 MOA rail. For, rings I would go with a set of aluminum Seekins, Leupold Mark 4, Nightforce UL, etc. But, I would definitely go with aluminum rings since the only bases available for the Brownings are aluminum. The Burris signature Zee rings are a popular choice as well.

This is the rail.
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